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Restaurant Visit in New York City

My job requires me to travel a lot, so I fly all over the world.  Let me tell you what I saw when I was in New York City this past month.  I boarded the airplane and flew straight here non-stop with just two small bags and the clothes I wore.  When I arrived in New York, NY, I rented a car and drove it to my hotel.  Shortly after unpacking, I took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to the lobby in order to determine where I wanted to go for dinner.  NYC has many famous restaurants, so it was a tough decision.  I chose to eat at a franchise restaurant instead, PF Chang’s, because my friend John works there.  The meal was great, and after the restaurant closed for the night, my friend invited me to walk into the kitchen area to see the restaurant hood cleaning process.  It appeared to be very tedious work.  A company called Queens Hood Cleaning had 2 technicians pressure washing the vent hood and kitchen equipment with water and special chemicals to sanitize it.  After that, they installed a grease trap.  Apparently, a grease trap is a device that collects grease from cooking and catches it in a special compartment to prevent a clog in the drains or piping that connects to the sink.  John said that the Queens Hood Cleaning Pros are one of, if not the best NYC grease trap installation companies because they remove all the grease effectively, always perform quality work, and their pricing is low.  Whether their handling grease trap installation for a restaurant or scrubbing hoods, they are always timely and affordable.  It was very cool to see this work being performed in front of me because I’ve never experienced anything like this before.  If I didn’t already have a job, I’d consider this industry.